PhD Candidates


Małgorzata Poławska
Sonia Styrkacz
Bartosz Ślosarski
Dominika Bulska
Gabriela Górska
Agata Stola
Szymon Talaga

 Gabriela Górska 
Doctorate studies started since 2017 (topic: mindfulness meditation as a tool in social psychology) with a supervision of prof. Miroslaw Kofta; MA obtained in 2015 with the topic: how the stereotype content manipulation can influence attitudes toward the Roma minority.
Professional interests: using mindfulness meditation as a tool to promote positive intergroup relations and to access group perceptions. In my research I try to check if mindfulness meditation can also have an influence on empathy, consciousness of one’s stereotypical thinking or perception of intergroup conflicts. Next to meditation, I am also interested in social psychology, mostly in conflict studies.