PhD Candidates

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Małgorzata Poławska
Sonia Styrkacz
Bartosz Ślosarski

Dominika Bulska
Gabriela Górska
Aneta Krzyworzeka-Jelinowska
Beata Małecka-Tepicht
Rafał Miśta
Agata Stola
Szymon Talaga

 Gabriela Górska 
Doctorate studies started since 2017 (topic: mindfulness meditation as a tool in social psychology) with a supervision of prof. Miroslaw Kofta; MA obtained in 2015 with the topic: how the stereotype content manipulation can influence attitudes toward the Roma minority.
Professional interests: using mindfulness meditation as a tool to promote positive intergroup relations and to access group perceptions. In my research I try to check if mindfulness meditation can also have an influence on empathy, consciousness of one’s stereotypical thinking or perception of intergroup conflicts. Next to meditation, I am also interested in social psychology, mostly in conflict studies.

 Beata Małecka-Tepicht 
In ISS since 2016, graduate with honors from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences UW and post-graduate studies in competence management at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. In her master’s thesis she analyzed the working of legal clinics leaded by the Academia Iuris Foundation, before introducing a system of free law advices in Poland. At the ISS he is preparing a doctoral dissertation on unintended consequences in public policies. She is the author of publications on the analysis of family support under the Family 500+ Program.
Tutor/Supervisor: prof. UW dr hab. Wojciech Łukowski

 Aneta Krzyworzeka-Jelinowska 
Aneta Krzyworzeka-Jelinowska is a Ph.D. student in the Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Science at the Warsaw University. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the Jagiellonian University (Poland) and the UVSQ ( Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin- en- Yvelines, France). Her research interests focus on migration with specific emphasis on the migration policies, ethnic diversity, migrant rights, national identity. She is a member of the IASFM (International Association for the Study of Forced Migration). Researcher in the Center of French Civilization and French Studies at Warsaw University. Tutor/Supervisor, prof. dr hab. Renata Siemieńska.