“Culture and Developement” quarterly

Since 2016, the University of Warsaw together with the University of Economics in Krakow publishes the quarterly “Culture and Development”, which is coordinated by the Institute for Social Studies. The quarterly is devoted to the issues of non-economic aspects of economic development and broadly understood issues of cultural determinants of the dynamics of social, political and The editor-in-chief of the quarterly “Culture and Development” is prof. Jerzy Hausner, his deputy ed. Edwin Bendyk. The secretary of the editorial board is Andrzej Turkowski, e-mail: kulturairozwoj@uw.edu.pl The quarterly “Kultura i Rozwoju” accepts submissions in Polish and English, including scientific articles, research messages and book reviews. The first issue (downloadable here) includes texts by Anna Giza, Przemysław Czapliński, Andrzej Zybała, Tomasz Zarycki, Tomasz Rakowski and Jerzy Hausner. More information on the quarterly’s website: http://www.kulturairozwoj.pl/