Inter-Institute Laboratory for Comparative Value Systems Research ISS-IS UW

TeamInter-Institute Laboratory for Comparative Value Systems Research ISS-IS UWInformation

Head ISS UW side
prof. dr hab. R. Siemienska-Zochowska koordynuje WVS

Head IS UW side
dr hab. Jerzy Bartkowski, prof. UW EVS

Team ISS UW side:
dr Anna Domaradzka

Team IS UW side:

dr Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin,

prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Kania

ul. Stawki 5/7, pokój 418
00-183 Warszawa
tel. 228315153

Information about Inter-Institute Laboratory for Comparative Value Systems Research ISS-IS UW

European Values Study and World Values ​Study are both international studies programs covering over 45 countries in EVS, and over 85 countries in WVS. Both projects have well-established positions in sociology and political science as a place of conceptualization of many basic concepts in both areas, covering a wide range of problems regarding value systems, politics, work, religion, everyday life, upbringing, family, roles of women and men, attitude to “other” etc. Repeated at several years intervals, conducted on representative national samples, are an excellent source for studying the stability and variability of the systems of values, attitudes and aspirations of residents of different countries, regions and continents.

In connection with the research conducted in Poland since the beginning of the 90s as part of the European Values ​​Survey (under the supervision of Prof. A. Jasińska-Kania at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw) and the World Values ​​Survey (under the supervision of Professor R. Siemieńska-Żochowska at the Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw) nn May 21, 2012, an Inter-faculty Comparative Studies Laboratory on Value Systems, the Institute of Sociology and the Institute for Social Studies of the University of Warsaw was created. Its work is coordinated by people who have been involved in EVS and WVS research so far. The Laboratory will be coordinated by prof. J. Bartkowski from the Institute of Sociology and prof. R. Siemieńska-Żochowska from the Institute for Social Studies. The people who will become collaborators of the above-mentioned studio are Dr. J. Konieczna-Sałamatin from IS UW and Dr. A. Domaradzka-Widła from ISS UW, who have been participating in these studies for many years and, although they belong to a younger generation of researchers, have relevant experience in cooperation with international teams EVS and WVS.

Of course, the circle of existing collaborators is much broader, as evidenced by the publications in which these data sets were used. In the future, we hope for further engagement of prof. A. Jasińska-Kania in research, as well as on the growing participation of other academic staff, doctoral students and students of both institutes. The creation of the above-mentioned laboratory will facilitate future joint efforts to finance the continuation of research and analytical work related to both projects, facilitate the organization of joint conferences, seminars and summer schools with domestic and foreign participants.