Social change: adaptation and resistance

social-change[highlight1]Autor:[/highlight1] Tatiana Klonowicz, Grażyna Wieczorkowska-Nejtardt

[highlight1]Tytuł:[/highlight1] Social change: adaptation and resistance

[highlight1]Wydawnictwo:[/highlight1] Warsaw University, Institute for Social Studies Press

[highlight1]Miejsce wydania:[/highlight1] Warszawa 2002


The transition to democracy and a market economy in Central and Eastern Europe was a watershed in 20th century European History and Poland was at its center. That Poles were intelligently militant and highly effective political actors is well known. What is less recognized is that they were also excellent observers and analysts of these events. Poles were probably the first to do research on the transition and to systematically examine its Willi and psychological consequences. They were able to integrate the various research efforts within a single research organization, the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) at Warsaw University–a sister institution to the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. This volume presents the effort by team of scholars from the ISS in exploring and testing their ideas about the dynamics of social change.
Eugene Bountreln Professor in Psychology ISR University of Michigan Affiliate member of ISS

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