Social Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

SocialEntrepreneurship[highlight1]Autor:[/highlight1] Ryszard Praszkier, Andrzej Nowak

[highlight1]Tytuł:[/highlight1] Social Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

[highlight1]Wydawnictwo:[/highlight1] Cambridge 2011

[highlight1]Miejsce wydania:[/highlight1]

[highlight1]Opis[/highlight1] Social Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice details how social entrepreneurship can creatively solve pressing and seemingly insurmountable social problems. Theories of social change are presented to help demystify the “magic” of making an immense, yet durable and irreversible social impact. In-depth case studies from multiple disciplines and from around the globe document how social entrepreneurs foster bottom-up change that empowers people and societies. The authors review the specifi c personality traits of social entrepreneurs and introduce the new leadership model required for 21st-century development. This book is valuable to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, while remaining accessible to non-academic readers due to its clear language, illustrative case studies, and guide lines on how to apply social entrepreneurship, or become a successful social entrepreneur.

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