Causes and Consequences of Migration in Central and Eastern Europe

causes[highlight1]Autor:[/highlight1] Ewa Jażwińska-Motylska, Marek Okólski

[highlight1]Tytuł:[/highlight1] Causes and Consequences of Migration in Central and Eastern Europe. Podlasie and Slask Opolski: basic trends in 1975-1994

[highlight1]Wydawnictwo:[/highlight1] Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

[highlight1]Miejsce wydania:[/highlight1] Warszawa 1996



1. Purpose, objectives, constraints and outline of the study (K.Iglicka, M.Okolski)
2. Poland’s population and population movements: an overview (M.Okolski )
3. Methods, approaches, research techniques (E.Jazwinska)
4. A profile of the communities: a summary (M.Okolski)
5. Basic trends and characteristics of international inigration(E.Janvinska)
6. The main migratory behaviours and types of international migration (K.Iglicka)
7. Long term international migration: covering costs and minimising risks (A. Giza)
8. Assessing the principal determinants of migration (M.0kolski)
9. The consequences of migration (A.Giza )
10. The migration networks (A.Giza, section 10.6 M.Tefelski)
11. A _pendular” society: conclusions based on qualitative research (W.Lirkowski)
12. Bibliography
Appendixes: I. Statistical tables II. Questionnaires Ill. A profile of the communities (M.Okolski)

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