Social Challenges Unit becomes part of ISS

“Social Challenges Unit” (CWS) which exists as part ISS since 2014 has now become one of its formal centers. The main mission of the Social Challenges Unit is to connect external requests for specific knowledge with university’s resource. More at CWS website at and here.

Lecture “The Globalization of Inequality” by prof. Salvatore Babones (June 9, 5.30 pm)

ISS invites you to an open lecture entitled “The Globalization of Inequality” by Salvatore Babones, associate professor at the University of Sydney, which will take place at Brudzinskie Hall (Sala Brudzińskiego) in Kazimierzowski Palace (Pałacu Kazimierzowski) (Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw) on June 9, 2015 (Tuesday) at 5.30 pm. The lecture will be devoted to mechanism and effects of diffusion of a US model of social inequalities.

The Facebook page of the event:

Bogdan Cichomski passed away

We are deeply saddened to inform you that on May 2nd, 2015, our colleague Bogdan Cichomski passed away. Bogdan was a co-founder of the Institute for Social Studies and its long-time faculty member. He served as a head of the Center for Sociological Studies and was the forefather of the Polish General Survey Program (PGSS). Bogdan’s funeral will take place on May 11th, at 10:30 am at the Bródnowski Cemetery in Warsaw.

Book Panel Discussion on M.Kennedy’s “Globalizing Knowledge” – March 24, 2015

ISS UW cordially invites you for a Book Panel Discussion on Michael Kennedy’s (Brown University) new book „Globalizing Knowledge: Intellectuals, Universities and Publics in Transformation” (Stanford University Press, 2014).

The panel will take place in the Brudziński Hall (Sala Brudzińskiego) at the Kazimierz Palace (Pałac Kazimierzowski), ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Warszawa, March 24, 2015 r. (Tuesday) at 5:30 m. Participants: Marta Bucholc (Instytut Socjologii UW), Edwin Bendyk (Polityka & DELab/ISS UW), Michał Sutowski (Krytyka Polityczna). The book will be introduced by Tomasz Zarycki (ISS UW),  while the discussion will be led by Adam Leszczyński (Gazeta Wyborcza & ISP PAN). Copies of the book will be available for sale before and after the event at the entrace to the Brudziński hall.


Conferene of the „”Enabling the flourishing and evolution of social entrepreneurship for innovative and inclusive societies” (EFESEIIS) project

On February 17, 2015 a conference of the project „Enabling the flourishing and evolution of social entrepreneurship for innovative and inclusive societies” (EFESEIIS)  took place. Program of the conference available at Stakeholders-workshop-program-Warsaw-17th-February-2015 Picutres avaliable at:

ISR establised “University of Warsaw Social Science Scholars Exchange Fund”

Eugene Burnstein, a social psychologist and senior research scientist emeritus at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research (ISR), and Martha Burnstein, longtime friends of the ISS, have funded the “University of Warsaw Social Science Scholars Exchange Fund” which will bring Polish students to Michigan to study at one of ISR’s two summer programs. Burnstein hopes the fund will “stabilize and institutionalize” the relationship between the two schools. Read more


Warsaw School of Data Analysis (WSAD)

The Warsaw School of Data Analysis (WSAD) is a joint project of COME UW, ICM UW and ISS UW. Registration for courses is now open. Participation in the WSAD project is fully free of charge and the University of Warsaw PhD students might be additionally granted by the ECTS. Classes will be held in English. More at


W dniu 4 lipca 2013 w godzinach 9.00 – 22.00 w ramach programu Maestro3 „PTSD: Diagnoza Terapia Profilaktyka” Instytut Studiów Społecznych im. Roberta Zajonca organizuje konferencję naukową, poświęconą realizowanemu projektowi badawczemu (miejsce: Uniwersytet Warszawski, kampus centralny UW, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Stary BUW, s. 207).


Welfare Innovations at the Local Level in Favor of Cohesion

WILCO project (7PR KE)

WILCO aims to examine, through cross-national comparative research, how local welfare systems affect social inequalities and how they favor social cohesion with a special focus on the missing link between innovations at the local level and their successful transfer and implementation to other settings. The results will be used, through strong interaction with stakeholders and urban policy recommendations, to link immediately to the needs of practitioners.

Young People in the World of Consumption

Young People in the World of Consumption“, an event organized to discuss the phenomenology of youths on a leash, branding for generation Y and whether it makes sense to talk about youth anymore, organized by the Institute for Social Studies (ISS UW), Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO) and ESOMAR will be held on Friday, 21 June 2013 at the University of Warsaw.