Celebrating Robert Zajonc Centennial and 30 years of ISR-ISS collaboration – June 19, 2023

The conference „Celebrating Robert Zajonc Centennial and 30 years of ISR-ISS collaboration,” during which we celebrated the anniversary of our collaboration with our sister University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR), was held on June 19 at the Kazimierz Palace at the University of Warsaw. At the conference, we also celebrated the centennial of the birth of our patron Robert Zajonc, the former director of ISR, whose legacy was discussed by his former students and colleagues from Poland and the US. It was also an occasion to conclude a new Memorandum of Understanding between ISS and ISR, which, from the UW side, was signed by Rector Alojzy Nowak and ISS Director Anna Domaradzka. On the ISR side, it was signed by its current director Kate Cagney. Conference program to be found at: http://iss.uw.edu.pl/…/05/Conference-Program-June-19.pdf

A video report from the conference to be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz7DwPC4f9E&t=830s&ab_channel=TheRobertZajoncInstituteforSocialStudies

The video covers the opening of the conference during which the speakers were: Deputy Rector of the University of Warsaw: Sambor Grucza; ISR Director: Kathleen Cagney; ISS Director: Anna Domaradzka; Dean of Faculty of Sociology: Anna Giza; Dean of Faculty of Economics: Gabriela Grotkowska; Dean of Faculty of Psychology: Kamil Imbir; Professor of Physics at University of Michigan: Michał Żochowski; Director of the ISR Research Center for Group Dynamics: Richard Gonzales; Deputy Director of ISS: Tomasz Zarycki, Head of the Polish Social Data Archive at ISS: Tomasz Jerzyński. The opening is followed (starting at minute 56) by „The Zajonc Legacy” session chaired by Grażyna Wieczorkowska (University of Warsaw), which includes: Janusz Grzelak (University of Warsaw); Shinobu Kitayama (University of Michigan), Gene Burnstein (University of Michigan), Sheila Murphy (USC Annenberg); Renata Siemieńska (University of Warsaw and Maria Grzegorzewska University); Rowell Huesmann (University of Michigan), Andrzej Nowak (University of Warsaw and Florida Atlantic University), Richard Gonzales (University of Michigan), Mirosław Kofta (University of Warsaw).