Seminarium z udziałem Profesora Aimable André Dufatanye

W poniedziałek 3 września 2018 o godz. 14:00 odbędzie się w ISS seminarium z odziałem goszczącego u nas w ramach projektu FAB-MOVE Profesora Aimable André Dufatanye z Katolickiego Uniwersytetu w Lyonie.
W ramach seminarium prof. Dufatanye opowie o swoich badaniach nad przedsiebiorczością społeczną we Francji, USA i RPA, a polski zespół FAB-MOVE podzieli się wnioskami ze swoich badań.

Trochę informacji o spotkaniu:
Social enterprises (generally understood as combining the logic of businesses with the pursuit of social goals) and social innovation are fervently debated topics among policy-makers and scientists. This seminar aims at discussing the concept of social enterprises in different cultural, political, and economic contexts.
Discussion will be framed within an international comparative approach and will focus on identifying and analysing contextual aspects and critical factors for the development of social enterprises in France, South Africa, Poland and the USA. The definition, history, and evolution of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in these countries will be analyzed, with an emphasis placed on regulations, policies, and evidence-based data. The seminar will also focus on the nature of the relationship between social enterprise and CSR (corporate social responsibility), highlighting examples of best practices in each of the four countries discussed.
Participants are invited to challenge the speakers’ presentations and to share their insights or experiences on social enterprise and/or innovation in their own countries.
This seminar is supported by the international project “For a Better Tomorrow: Social Enterprises on the Move” (FAB-MOVE), funded by the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE).

Spotykamy się w Instytucie Studiów Społecznych UW na Stawki 5/7, w sali seminaryjnej.

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